Thursday, January 24, 2013

Short Term Disability Musings

Well, I am a terrible blogger, and haven't updated since last January.  I "blog" on Facebook - put all my thoughts and opinions there.  I guess I should start putting them here, and just link to it from Facebook when I update, so folks who so desire can come look.

My brother, Bill, once coined a term for how our (his and my) minds work.  He called it "mind laps".  No, not mind lapse, but "mind laps".  Our many simultaneous thoughts run around and around so quickly that sometimes different thoughts overtake one another, hence "lapping" one another.  It's scary at times, especially for those trying to keep up, but it's also delightful for those of us who have the gift of thinking a million different things at once.

I've been off work for 7 weeks after plantar fasciitis release surgery on my foot.  Foot is improving daily, I've had time to read a few books, completed several crochet projects, some new and some that have been UFOs around the house for a while, watched lots of movies, surfed the web for color schemes for new bedroom decor (in 6 years), etc.

I have 6 more years of full time work before I can retire at age 59 1/2.  I cannot wait!  When I worked at Hermiston High School (1984-2004), I wasn't sure I'd want to retire when I hit my 30 year mark, because I loved my job, loved the interaction with teenagers, loved the teachers, and felt like I made a genuine contribution to the school, the kids, the teachers, and the world in general.  I left there because of a change in adminstration that was unbearable to me (and many others). 

PGE is good to me.  I make more money and get more paid time off than I ever did working for the school.  Better benefits, etc.  But....  I'm not in any way, shape, or form an integral part of the workings of the Boardman Coal Plant.  I'm off for 2 months, and I'll have a million e-mails and a pile of work to catch up on, but nothing that couldn't have just as easily been handled by a temp or a substitute.  It's boring, it's unfulfilling.  But it's a paycheck and I'm not being made miserable by my boss every day of the week, so it's a means to an end.

So, I work to make a living, and I'll be happy to retire when the time finally arrives.  Meanwhile, I take comfort in knowing that I have a REAL life outside of work, and work is just work, whereas REAL things like grandbabies and kids and husband and mom and friends and music and books...  yes, so many pleasurable things...  are what it's really all about.